TOPOLIVA grows its olive trees in ancestral groves on the island of Djerba, where the mild climate and the proximity to the sea give a special flavor to the olives picked.

Harvesting is done every year at the same time, entirely by hand, by experienced workers who make sure to keep good quality fruit.


The picked olives are immediately transported to our modern oil mill; a handful is tested to check its freshness and determine the quality of the oil.

They then follow a rigorous process certified according to international standards in order to obtain a high quality oil.

Analysis & Storage

We carry out physico-chemical analyses on samples of our oil to determine the main characteristics (such as the degree of acidity),

Tasting is also an essential step to certify the quality of olive oil which is then stored according to its quality in stainless steel tanks away from air and light to avoid oxidation .


The olive oil is filtered to remove the extraneous particles. The raw materials in direct contact with the oil are for food use.

The bottles are then filled with olive oil using a filling machine which reduces oxidation as well as the risks of microbiological pollution.
During all the packaging stages, a periodic quality control is carried out.