Our brands are guided by our rich Tunisian heritage: the island of dreams of Djerba has been known for millennia as one of the largest exporters of olive oil in the Roman Empire.

Th several hundred-year-old olive trees are our legion in Djerba. They are characterized by their thick shape and their cracked and knotty trunk, hence the talk of millennial olive trees. The olive tree is therefore a former companion of the Djerbian people. This exceptional story has inspired the creation of our brands "MENINX", "TERRA BELLA", "EL HARA" and "MEDINA".


With reference to the glorious past and the millennial history of the island of Djerba.


With reference to the generous and fertile land of the island of Djerba.


With reference to the souks and traditional houses of the districts on the island of Djerba.

The Medina

The Medina: with reference to the old town of Djerba, its famous Medina.